Mauricio Pochettino: Why I won’t kiss the Chelsea badge

Mauricio Pochettino
Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has spoken about his relationship with Chelsea fans following the 4-3 victory over Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

Mauricio Pochettino believes he needs to convince Chelsea fans that he is the right manager for the club due to his history with rival club Tottenham Hotspur.

Pochettino also insisted he isn’t a hypocrite and won’t kiss the Chelsea badge to win over Chelsea fans.

On his relationship with fans, he said: “It’s normal, I came from a different club and I need to convince. I play with my reputation to come here with a young team to build.

“For us, we knew there was a massive challenge to build a team, win games and take a risk with the fans.

“I said from the beginning I won’t be kissing the badge to win over the fans. I want the team to win games and believe in ourselves and build a very good relationship. I’m not here to be a hypocrite and say I love the fans because I know it will take time to build a relationship.”

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