Graham Potter warns Chelsea fans of more pains

Photo: PA

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Following the defeat to Brighton, Chelsea are now sixth in the table, 10 points off leaders Arsenal after 12 games.

Chelsea have been unable to get a victory in their last three league games, and have a few tough games before the World Cup break with clashes against Arsenal, Manchester City and Newcastle.

Blues boss Graham Potter has warned supporters that they should be prepared for more difficult results in the future, as pains usually come before progress.

He said: “We got off to a really bad start [against Brighton]. But you have to have that sometimes if you want to make progress. If you think that the line is going to go straight up, it’s impossible.

“That team you saw out there for Brighton wasn’t the team that was there three years ago. There is a process of pain that you have to go through and you have to keep trying to improve.

“Unless there is another way. Whenever you are trying to learn or master something, get better, you need to sometimes have a step back, have a bad spell or suffer to grow and get better.”

1 Comment on "Graham Potter warns Chelsea fans of more pains"

  1. Jay-Wealthy | October 31, 2022 at 4:01 pm |

    Hey, Graham, no pain. You were just emptied and clueless on that day. Maybe sentiment took the best of you. How can you play a match with just 2 defenders? Cucurella isn’t a defender or offender at the moment. We were left with Chalobah and Silver! What was Chillwell doing on the bench, Azpi doing on the bench as well. Chose your team right maybe you could avert some pain.. We aren’t waiting for no pain, the only one that should be expecting pain maybe you. Without notice, sacked letter

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