Tell me one thing he does well – Pundit tears into £100m-plus Chelsea star

Mauricio Pochettino Enzo Fernandez
Photo: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Former Premier League striker and Arsenal fan Darren Bent has torn into Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez.

Enzo Fernandez who cost Chelsea over £100m, hasn’t really had the impact a player his value should have had at Chelsea.

“Chelsea at the minute look toothless, some of the performances from their team,” said Bent.

“Enzo Fernandez, £100m-plus, I need someone to tell me, and I know the argument will be someone will phone up or message in and go, ‘He’s won the World Cup’.

“But, tell me what he does well? Because he’s not a holder, because he has no idea what’s going on behind him in terms of defensively.

“He’s not someone who assists and creates opportunities for his teammates, his pass appreciation is awful, even his pass decision-making is awful.

“And the biggest cheer he got last night [at the Emirates], is someone passing him the ball, and he started doing some stupid roll with his studs, rolling it forward and back, a bit showboaty when they were 4-0 down.

“And all the Arsenal fans went, ‘Whey’, they cheered him, it got rolled back to him, he did it again, they cheered him again. Embarrassing.”

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