Graham Potter admits Chelsea may be forced into selling these two key players

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter conceded on Friday that Chelsea may be forced into selling some key players like Mateo Kovacic and Mason Mount this summer.

The Blues have the largest squad in the Premier League, but with losses of £120million and the prospect of no European football next season, stars will need to be offloaded in order to comply with Financial Fair Play rules.

“That is the challenge we have,”said the Chelsea boss. “We have a big squad, a deep squad with a lot of really good players. These things are really complicated because it’s not about my opinion. It’s about the player, the club, lots of things I am not in control of.

“All I can do is give my opinion of Mason as a footballer and a person and I have nothing but positive things to say about him.

“I also have huge respect for Mateo as a person. He plays a role for the team and has been captain as well. But it is between Mateo and the club.

“It is never an ideal world and you deal with what you have to deal with in the summer and make decisions.

“You do your business like everyone else does and accept you have to do what is right for this football club and not worry about anyone else.”

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  1. Jay-Wealthy | April 1, 2023 at 6:58 pm |

    The only person that needed to be sold is Graham Potter. My question what was the Chelsea owner thinking, signing a lowest class coach to coaching a Topmost club. Who does that? This guy GP has no clue on how to manage to top club as Chelsea. Potter out!!

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