Graham Potter reacts after fans call Chelsea star a waste of money at Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter has warned the new Chelsea players to get used to derisive chants.

During the goalless draw between Chelsea and Fulham at Stamford Bridge on Friday night, Enzo Fernandez was taunted by Fulham fans with chants of ‘What a waste of money!’.

“It’s not just Enzo, it’s the whole team,” said Potter. “It’s normal because we have spent the money we have spent and you guys aren’t going to let that go under the radar, so all of football will be singing that song.

“We need to improve as a team.

“If you look back 18 months, Chelsea were not scoring and they thought they would spend close to £100m on a centre-forward and that would fix all the problems and it didn’t. You have to act better as a team. That’s our challenge. That’s what we need to do.”

Enzo Fernandez joined Chelsea from Benfica in January for a British transfer record fee of £107million.

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  1. Azubuike Okafor | February 5, 2023 at 5:18 pm |

    Is it not Potter’s job to get Chelsea’s players to score? Why is he shifting blames? As a matter of fact; from his general demeanour, off and on the pitch; even from his press briefings; it is very clear, that Graham Porter is just waiting for the compensation he will pocket from his inevitable sack. He lacks all credentials to coach Chelsea Football Club – all credentials.

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