He sold me – Former Brighton midfielder sends warning to Chelsea players

Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

Former Brighton midfielder, Dale Stephens, has warned Chelsea players about newly appointed manager Graham Potter.

According to Stephens, Potter isn’t an easy going manager as he appears to be, but also has his ruthless and authoritative side.

Stephens admitted it was Potter who sold him from Brighton, but also admitted that the new Blues boss has a lot of positives.

Asked whether Potter could step up and take the tough decisions at Chelsea when called upon, Stephens said (via Sussex Express): “Well, he sold me. He is very much a modern manager.

“He has got his ways and his ways of playing. He is the right man for Chelsea and for the big jobs. When you see vacancies pop for Champions League clubs, he is always in the hat for the top jobs.”

He added, “He is very level headed and gets his points across. He is authoritative but does it in a manner that suits him. He is level headed and calm, and good or bad news, he is honest. I think players appreciate that and I’m sure that is an aspect that is positive for him.”