‘Chelsea are so boring to watch’ – Ex-Premier League winger says

Former Aston Villa winger Gabriel Agbonlahor has slammed Chelsea’s performances this season.

Aubameyang has said Chelsea are a very boring team to watch, and has slammed Thomas Tuchel’s five-man defence system.

Speaking on Talksport after Chelsea’s 2-1 win over West Ham on Saturday, Agbonlahor slammed Chelsea’s style of play.

The 35-year-old said: “I don’t like watching them play football. It’s boring. Today was boring. The first half – boring, boring Chelsea. Chelsea fans agreed midweek. Watching them at the moment is boring football.

“The five at the back, when you watch them, it’s not working. Today, they put Chilwell on for [Marc] Cucurella. Chilwell’s flying forward, scores a goal.”

Agbonlahor also criticised Chelsea’s signing of Marc Cucurella, especially after the money Chelsea spent to sign him from Brighton.

According to Agbonlahor, Chelsea should have rather saved the money in order to buy Declan Rice.

“I’m not having him,” the former Aston Villa captain said of the 24-year-old defender.

“I don’t understand £60m. He’s not good technically, very erratic. Silly fouls.

“Put that towards Declan Rice. Today I thought Chelsea got away with one. And West Ham were very unlucky not to get a point.”