This will not change – Tuchel says about Conte

Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

Thomas Tuchel has told the FA not to take seriously his altercation with Tottenham manager Antonio Conte.

Both managers clashed during and after the London derby game last weekend, and Tuchel has insisted they were both fighting for their teams.

According to Tuchel, the incident won’t take away the respect he has for Conte.

Tuchel said in his press conference on Friday: “I think it was passion between two men who fought for their team. It was not more. I hope they don’t make more out of it. Of course in the context, a hair pulling two minutes before.

“It’s not that big of a deal, for me. It was about passion and nothing more.

“He was fighting for his team, I was fighting for my team. As you hopefully felt before we played Tottenham last season with Conte, and now, I have nothing but biggest respect for him and this will not change because of that incident.”

The FA also seemed to be displeased with Tuchel’s comment about referee Anthony Taylor.

Tuchel also clarified his statement made about the referee.

Asked to comment on Taylor, Tuchel told the media: “I was asked several times about it [Taylor’s performance] and this was my answer. I think it is more than just a feeling. There are some statistics that underline that we struggle to get the same results with him refereeing.

“Again, we never attacked or questioned his integrity or honour. It was about this game and I think it was in an acceptable way without being personal or falling out of line.

“Of course, I am passionate about this club and about my team and in moments when we fight and we play a game at the level that we played it. It kind of sucks me into the matches and I also get very passionate about it.

“I want to make it very clear I did not attack his integrity, I did not question it. I said very, very early that the two decisions were decisions for the VAR. But I was not happy with the way he whistles the game but ok.”