Former Premier League star can’t believe what Southgate did to Cole Palmer

Cole Palmer Gareth Southgate
Photo: Richard Pelham/Getty Images

Former Swansea and Everton defender Ashley Williams has revealed his astonishment at Gareth Southgate’s refusal to start Cole Palmer.

England have been poor in Euro 2024, even though the Three Lions have made it to the quarter-finals.

After impressing in his cameo appearance against Slovenia, Gareth Southgate was expected to start Cole Palmer against Slovakia, which never happened.

Ashley Williams has now questioned Southgate’s decision to omit Cole Palmer from England’s starting XI in their over Slovakia in the Euros Round of 16.

“I can’t believe that he didn’t start after what he did in the last game when he off the bench,” said Williams.

“He is just an enjoyable player to watch. He should have been on the pitch from the start, in my opinion. He is one of the only players in that England team that is just playing footy. He is just playing with such freedom. Every time he gets on the ball, he is looking to create something.

“He is either getting his head up there and picking someone out or he is putting the ball into dangerous areas. Or he wants to get at his fullback straightaway. He has great balance.

“He is so comfortable in possession. He must be scratching his head a little thinking ‘what else do I have to do to do when I get these little 15-20 minute cameos’.

“He makes England look like they can break teams down, which is what they are struggling with.

“This kid doesn’t care if he gives the ball away 9/10 times because he keeps getting on it and keeps trying to do things and then it creates something special.”

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