Cesc Fabregas reveals what he noticed when he visited the Chelsea training ground

Cesc Fabregas
Photo: Getty images

Cesc Fabregas has revealed what he noticed when he visited the Chelsea training ground last week.

The former Chelsea midfielder visited Mauricio Pochettino and the Chelsea players at Cobham.

According to Fabregas, everything looked alright on the training ground, and there was no sign that Pochettino will be leaving.

“It’s difficult sometimes to acknowledge or have an opinion when you are not there to see what happened,” said Fabregas on BBC Sounds’ Planet Premier League podcast on Wednesday, when reacting to the dismissal of Pochettino.

“Look, I was there actually. Funnily enough I went to London on the weekend.

“First of all I had a good relationship with Mauricio. When we played against them I always felt that he was a really nice guy, a gentleman.

“So I felt they won four games in a row, that was Friday [that he visited], two days before the end of the season, so everything is fun and good and relaxed around the training ground, last game of the season.

“I just popped in and he welcomed me so much. I stayed an hour and a half in his office talking football.

“Obviously talking to some of the people I know working at the club, I saw some ex-teammates as well.

“So it was really fun and I really enjoyed it and, to be fair, I didn’t have the feeling that this was going to happen. Just looking around, the feeling that you have around the place, I felt that it was nice and easy so I was surprised about the decision.”

On whether Pochettino seemed frustrated, he continued: “I think the behaviour sometimes in press conferences depends on the mood and how you feel things, things that we don’t know are happening inside the clubs so it’s difficult sometimes to judge those situations.

“But going back to how the team was playing, I felt that there was a real connection between players, the patterns were more clear, they were not changing so much – like at the beginning of the season – in terms of tactics.

“There was quite a good stability I would say in terms of style and gameplan etcetera. Good results, good dynamic, the fans seemed to be getting on with the players and with Mauricio. So, yeah, we’ll have to now wait and see what happens next.”