Pep Guardiola takes dig at Chelsea

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has taken a dig at his Premier League rivals, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, as he insists Manchester City’s domination of the Premier League is far from ‘boring’.

Pep Guardiola laughed off the accusation that his club have bought their success, as he rather claimed that his rivals have spent more money than City in recent years but have won nothing.

Asked if City’s relentless excellence has rendered the Premier League too predictable, Pep Guardiola responded: “People say we will win it because we won it in the past but that doesn’t mean it will happen today.

“Otherwise all the teams (who have won it) still would be winning instead of just winning one. We like to prove they are right but we have to do it.

“It’s boring? It’s not. It is so difficult. Before do you know what it was? It was the money.

“It was the reason why Man United should have won all the titles. All of them. And the second Chelsea, all the titles. And third Arsenal. All the titles.

“They spend much more in the last five years than us net. They should be there but they are not.”

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