Pochettino: Those who understand football know what I’m doing at Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino
Photo: Getty images

Mauricio Pochettino has defended his tenure at Chelsea, and has claimed Chelsea are on the right path under him.

Pochettino has claimed those who understand football will appreciate the work he has put in thus far at Chelsea.

“When I am on the street the people are really good and appreciate,” he said. “They give us the credit (for) working in a project and a process that is so difficult.

“People that understand football know what is going on here and appreciate our commitment and the way that we behave, and support our decisions that we are taking.

“Sometimes I meet the fans in different places and they ask me. I can tell the truth.

“Sometimes the fans get some image that is not real. It’s in the way that (the media) sometimes takes my words, or the photographer sometimes takes me sad, but I am not sad. I laugh a lot, I smile, I am very positive. I am not acting. I try to be natural.

“Sometimes people get the wrong idea. But if you face me on the street, for sure you (will know).”

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