Chelsea make decision on what to do to 16-year-old star who was caught partying

Kendry Paez
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Chelsea youngster Kendry Paez has been caught in a scandal while away with the Ecuador national team.

The Chelsea talent is reported to have partied with three teammates – Robert Arboleda, Piero Hincapie and Gonzalo Plata – in a club the night before being involved in the squad for Ecuador’s clash with Italy.

A video went viral on social media, which showed the four players at the club, with one of them showing off a bundle of cash and throwing it at a female dancer.

According to reports, Kendry Paez  will avoid serious punishment for attending a New York strip club while on international duty with Ecuador.

Paez was spotted at the club with older teammates Robert Arboleda, 32, and Gonzalo Plata, 23, the night before a friendly against Italy in New Jersey.

Paez will avoid any serious punishment, but is set to be warned about the incident.

Arboleda and Plata will however face harsher punishments and could even be dropped by the national team, according to reports in Ecuador.

Paez was not seen handling money or consuming alcohol in the viral clip – unlike his older teammates.

Paez will definitely learn a valuable lesson from the experience.

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