Jose Mourinho reveals why Chelsea fans will always love him

Photo: Ben Stansall/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Jose Mourinho is currently without a job, after being sacked by Roma.

Nevertheless, Chelsea fans have at times chanted Mourinho’s name this season.

What’s so special about the Special One and his relationship with Chelsea fans?

Jose Mourinho believes his special connection with Chelsea supporters is testament to the passion and commitment he has shown.

For Jose Mourinho, he has also created special memories with the fans; as not only Chelsea fans, but Inter Milan fans, Roma fans and Porto fans hold him in high esteem.

Asked how it feels to hear Chelsea fans chanting his name, Mourinho told Fabrizio Romano: “The first feeling is I always say that the best thing football has is the fans.

“Because the fans don’t make money with football – they spend money with football! Sometimes they spend money that the family needs and they make sacrifices because of the passion for football and especially for the passion for their clubs.

“So normally they are fair. When the club’s fans don’t like the players, don’t like the coach, for some reason, it’s not because beautiful eyes, it’s not because handsome guy. They love it, or they don’t love it, for some reason.

“In my case, independent of results – of course I had the luck always to have something to celebrate, something for the fans to have a good memory of me – but I think something that they see is when you are committed to them.

“And I’m always committed to my club and fans. Doesn’t matter which country, doesn’t matter which club.

“So I think they have a feeling that I give everything and because of my personality, in the end I’m always going to be more than a coach.

“In some club structures, then you have to be the coach, the technical director, the communications director, the image that defends the club, the players.

“And that is something that people realise, but at the same time it’s something that the coach doesn’t like because, myself as a coach, what I want to be is a coach!

“I think the ideal scenario is when the club has a structure that allows the coach to be the coach, on the pitch, on the training ground, in the dressing room, on the touchline. But be the coach. I was the coach at Inter, at Real Madrid, in my first spell at Chelsea, at Porto.

“In some other clubs I was not the coach, so that is very difficult for a coach. Very difficult for a coach.

“But I think my relationship with every football club where I’ve been working, with the fanbase, I think the base of everything is that they see I arrive, I wear the shirt and I fight for them.”