10 things Chelsea must do to challenge for the Premier League title next season

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To maximize our chances of challenging for the Premier League next season, Chelsea would need to undertake a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach, touching on all aspects of the club’s operations, from on-field tactics to off-field management. Below are elaborated strategies that could significantly boost our chances next season after a disappointing 2023-24 season:

1) Strengthen Key Positions

Identifying and reinforcing weak spots in the lineup is crucial. Chelsea should conduct a thorough analysis of the squad, comparing it with their rivals to pinpoint specific positions where upgrades are necessary. This might mean bringing in a world-class striker, a commanding center-back, or a creative midfielder, depending on the team’s needs.

2) Smart Transfers

Transfer activities must be strategic and well-thought-out, focusing on quality over quantity. Chelsea should target players who not only fit the tactical system but also possess the right mentality and adaptability to the Premier League’s physicality and pace. Additionally, offloading players who do not fit the future plans of the club will be vital to maintain squad harmony and financial health.

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