‘Raheem Sterling could have ended up in jail’

Photo: Getty images

Former Liverpool head of recruitment Stuart Webber recently made a troubling remark about the career of Chelsea star Raheem Sterling and four other black British players.

Webber has claimed Raheem Sterling could have ended in jail, had football not worked for him.

Webber was Liverpool’s head of recruitment between 2009 and 2012 when Sterling joined the club at the age of 15. He most recently worked as a sporting director at Norwich.

Webber told PinkUn: “We want to help the guys who really need it, not the ones who are maybe privileged. I saw that with our young footballers. 

“Jonny Rowe wouldn’t mind me saying it but him, Abu Kamara, Max (Aarons), Jamal (Lewis), Raheem (Sterling) back in the day at Liverpool, where they come from it had to work out for them in football, because the alternative is potentially jail or something else.”

The Mirror claims Raheem Sterling and the other players have been ‘deeply offended’ by the Welshman’s remarks.

Aarons’ mother Amber even posted on Twitter, saying that the comments were a case of “casual racism and blatant disrespect”.

Webber is said to have contacted the families and apologised for his disturbing statement.