You’ve made our club a laughing stock – Chelsea supporters write letter to club owners

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The Chelsea Supporters Trust have written a letter to club owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, stating just how the Chelsea fans feel.

The supporters believe ‘the club have become a laughing stock both on and off the pitch’ in a letter to owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali.

The letter, released on Wednesday, has criticised Chelsea’s current administration and admits there are several causes of concern for fans, and that the ‘feeling amongst Chelsea supporters in our opinion is at its lowest since the early 1980s.’

Upon taking ownership of Chelsea, Todd Boehly vowed to make the Chelsea fans proud, but the opposite has been the case so far.

“Our vision as owners is clear: We want to make the fans proud,” Boehly said in a statement when the deal was confirmed.

In the letter from the Supporter’s Trust, they stated that they are far from satisfied with how the club is being run.

“The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust regretfully believes that we are close to, if not already experiencing, a significant shift in supporter opinion that could result in irreversible toxicity, almost irrespective of results on the pitch,” the letter said.

“Unless the situation improves, this seems likely to manifest itself in more targeted chanting, especially at televised games, and quite possibly more organised, overt, and impactful forms of protest by some sections of the fanbase.”

The Trust also complained about the lack of communication from the current owners.

“The current mood amongst supporters is critically low and cannot be ignored. The feeling that the club has become a ‘laughing stock’, both on and off the pitch, is growing,” the letter added.

“Supporters are saying that there currently seems a fast-growing lack of trust from much of the fanbase, especially matchgoers towards the board, partially due to severely limited communication.

“Many supporters have significant concerns about the short and long-term future of our football club.”

The letter concluded: “We believe that a greater sharing of your vision, including commercial ambitions, with the wider fanbase could be an appropriate way of starting to create a better understanding of what you are seeking to achieve.

“Communicating how you are hoping to transition into operating on a more sustainable basis is vital if you wish to allay the widespread anxiety currently felt by supporters.”

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  1. True talk

  2. Echema Vitalis Udochukwu | March 24, 2024 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    You have said it all. Long leave Chelsea fc

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