Former club chairman slams Chelsea supporters for being ungrateful to Todd Boehly

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The Chelsea Supporters Trust wrote a letter on Wednesday, to club owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, stating just how the Chelsea fans feel.

The supporters believe ‘the club have become a laughing stock both on and off the pitch’ in a letter to owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali.

The letter, released on Wednesday, has criticised Chelsea’s current administration and admits there are several causes of concern for fans, and that the ‘feeling amongst Chelsea supporters in our opinion is at its lowest since the early 1980s.’

Former Crystal Palace chairman, Simon Jordan has taken a swipe at the supporters who wrote the letter, claiming it is ‘ridiculous’ and brandishing them all as ‘entitled’.

“I mean, look, we have seen this, you are seeing it in the papers today,” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“Man City fans are unhappy because the club have put a season ticket rise on their fans. So all of this regeneration, this wonderful stuff the owners have done for the football club, as long as it doesn’t cost us any money we will be alright.

“Apparently in this ridiculous letter that they wrote, which will mean nothing and be filed under miscellaneous after being wiped on a certain part of my anatomy if I was the chairman of Chelsea, they suggest they would prefer to go back to the 1980s.

“Oh you would, would you? You’d rather go back to playing in the second division as it was? You’d rather go back to the tatty state of Stamford Bridge? You now have an American ownership model – which is not working at the moment – has made some serious mistakes, missteps and judgements. Cost themselves an enormous amount of money to do so.

“So their crime is they spent £1 billion to make some mistakes, they got to a cup final this season, they can still finish in the higher echelons in the Premier League and possibly get to an FA Cup final albeit it’s going to be very difficult because of the opposition they are playing against.

“And you now think you can write a letter and tell everybody how toxic it is because the club you thought was going to go out of existence two years ago is now something you are not quite happy with.

“I get the point where you have got fans and got supporters, and you have to give people something to support, but the idea you can write letters like this is the kind of thinking that has now propelled us into some sort of political decision around a fan-led review which says we need independent regulation to strangle the bloody game that has been so successful with a few isolated exceptions.

“I think it is ridiculous – I think you have got to get the balance right. Everybody who owns a football club respects the fans, they understand the fans want to see their team win and understand to some extent it’s their job to acknowledge their responsibility for a community asset.

“But pack it in with this nonsense about what you think you’re entitled to and how you think you are entitled to it.”