English football icon reveals why Chelsea have the best fans in the Premier League

Photo: PA

Chelsea secured a place in the FA Cup semi-finals by beating Leicester City 4–2 in a tense clash at Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

The Blues won the game in the final stages, after Leicester City had come from behind to level the scores at 2-2 in the second-half.

Leicester City legend Gary Lineker was on ground to watch the game, and he has admitted his appreciation of how Chelsea fans treated him after the game.

Speaking on The Rest Is Football podcast, Gary Lineker said: “I will say, I want to mention this, at the end of the game [on Sunday] I walked out and met a couple of my sons for a quick lunch down the Fulham Road.

“And I walked out with hundreds and hundreds of Chelsea fans and not one of them took the p*** out of us being beaten or was nasty in any way. They were really supportive saying great game, sorry your team lost.

“Honestly, well done. They don’t always get the best press Chelsea fans but thank you very much for that, that was very kind and considerate at a time when you were suffering [regarding overall form this season].”