Revealed: What really happened between Cole Palmer and Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling Cole Palmer
Photo: Reuters

A bizarre incident happened during the FA Cup quarter-final clash against Leicester City on Sunday.

With Chelsea leading 1-0, Raheem Sterling won a penalty for Chelsea, that should have further increased the lead.

Raheem Sterling took responsibility for the spot kick ahead of designated taker Cole Palmer, but ended up playing a poor kick.

Sterling’s penalty was easily saved by Leicester goalkeeper Jakub Stolarczyk, and the 29 year old England forward was booed by Chelsea fans when he was substituted later in the game.

When asked about the decision to let Raheem Sterling take the spot-kick ahead of cole Palmer, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino implied that the pair had a relationship at Manchester City.

He said: “I think you know very well that is Cole.

“But Cole gave the ball to Raheem, I think they have a very good relationship, it came from, of course, Manchester City, when they were both at Manchester City.

“When Raheem asked for the ball to take the penalty I think Cole gave [the ball], I’m sure you can see the TV.

“But that is not a problem, Cole can miss, Raheem can miss, for me their decision is theirs.

“Of course, I’ll always support the decision of my players on the pitch.

“That is about to grow, be more mature, I’m always happy we take a decision.”