Mauricio Pochettino: Why Raheem Sterling was right to take penalty

Mauricio Pochettino Raheem Sterling

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has defended the decision of Raheem Sterling to take the penalty against Leicester City.

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Raheem Sterling took responsibility for the spot kick ahead of designated taker Cole Palmer and Mauricio Pochettino insists he will always support the decision of his players on the pitch.

Sterling’s penalty was easily saved by Leicester goalkeeper Jakub Stolarczyk and the 29 year old England forward was booed by Chelsea fans when he was substituted later in the game.

“Cole can miss, Raheem can miss, look for me, the decision is there and of course I’m going to support always, the decision of my players on the pitch,” Pochettino said.

“That is about to grow and be more mature and of course, always happy we take decisions.”

Asked about how Raheem Sterling coped with the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, Mauricio Pochettino added: “I think I cannot hide nothing. You know, I think you are like me that the feelings weren’t good for him and, but I’m going to support him and we are all we are going to.

“I think he was great, today is a great opportunity to support, to support him.

“He has an unbelievable CV, like a player he has played in big teams, experienced player, of course, today missed the penalty and some chances.

“But look, I think I am happy with him and we are going to support and I see the chances we have, I think the chances to show that we are building something because I think we are going to support him and for sure we are going to get the lead on the game that he needs to help the team.”

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