Chalobah: No regrets over what happened

Photo: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Chelsea centre-back, Trevoh Chalobah has opened up on how he dealt with his latest injury.

The 24-year-old picked up a hamstring problem last August, and was expected back after a month, but the condition got worse, and he was kept out on the sidelines for five months.

The defender recently spoke with about his struggle with the injury, and now says he actually used that experience as a learning curve.

“There is nothing I regret about it,” said Chalobah.

“Of course, at the start, it’s difficult not being able to do what you love. You sort of feel that stress. This was my first big injury, though, so I knew there was something I could take from the experience.

“I tried to find enjoyment in it if you know what I mean. Staying focused, not getting distracted, doing the rehab. You’ve got to keep the faith too – and stay calm.

“I didn’t want to get myself too stressed because the more positive you are the more your body is going to feel that. So I would say I worked on myself mentally, physically and emotionally and I’m now feeling even better.”

Trevoh Chalobah returned to the pitch last month, and has since started two matches for the Blues, including the 2-2 draw with Brentford last Saturday.

“I felt really good,” he added, while reflecting on his return. “The rehab with the staff here [at Cobham] was excellent, I had been working outside for a while, I had done all my conditioning and been managed really carefully.

“Then you’ve got to step it up. You know that is coming. But in the first drill of that session, my hamstring went again. Man, that was the toughest moment for me. A real hard one. But you’ve got to understand it, accept it, and then get back to work.”