‘That shouldn’t be right’ – Paul Merson reveals how Premier League FFP restriction will affect Chelsea

Paul Merson has called on the Premier League to work on their Financial Fair Play rules, as they don’t always favour clubs.

The former Arsenal man using Chelsea as an example, pointed to the tough situation the Blues currently find themselves in relation to Conor Gallagher as regards FFP.

It’s been reported that Chelsea are walking a tight rope with FFP, after spending huge amounts of money to sign new players in recent transfer windows, and will now find it difficult to bring in new players in the summer unless they sell some of their home-grown talent, and raise a reasonable amount of money while at it.

Gallagher happens to be one of the very few players who can fetch a decent fee in the transfer market, hence Chelsea’s openness to selling the 24-year-old, but Merson thinks the Blues have been put into a difficult corner by FFP, and that needs to change.

“The rules need to change, and they need to change very quickly because someone like Chelsea probably have to sell Conor Gallagher, who is one of their own,” Merson told Sky Sports.

“And, they will sell him for £50 or £60 million, and then they will be allowed to buy a £100 million player from abroad. That shouldn’t be right.

“Why change the rules when you have got to probably sell one of the best players, a homegrown player? You would rather go, well, it hasn’t worked with some of the other players.”