Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea fans to blame this person for poor results this season

Mauricio Pochettino
Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has stated his preference for Chelsea fans to boo him rather than his players, emphasizing that the players should receive “credit and support” instead.

During the game at Brentford, where Chelsea secured a 2-2 draw thanks to Axel Disasi, Mauricio Pochettino faced disapproval from the away supporters.

The discontent from the fans is not just aimed at the team’s performance but also at the club’s direction under co-owner Todd Boehly.

Additionally, there were chants expressing nostalgia for Roman Abramovich’s tenure and admiration for Jose Mourinho at the Gtech Community Stadium.

“I think the performances have been very good, I’m so happy with the performances”, said Mauricio Pochettino.

Asked whether that is his message to any disgruntled fans, Mauricio Pochettino replied: “Yes, and if they want to listen, perfect. If not, what can I do? They’ll keep booing. I’m giving my best to this team.

“But we cannot blame the fans. My message is: Okay, they need to show their frustration – through who? I prefer to me rather than to the team. I prefer that, I am strong. I am sure that in time we will change the perception.

“I don’t want the fans trying to blame the players. Players need to feel backed by the fans and, to be honest, I prefer that I get the blame and let the players be free on the pitch. I don’t care. I am strong, I am 52 now.

“The players deserve credit and support from our fans. If someone needs to get the blame, that is no problem. That is why I am the coach.”

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