Chelsea warned about Brentford star who uses dark arts to make people angry

Neal Maupay
Photo: Getty Images

Chelsea have been warned of Brentford star Neal Maupay.

The 27-year-old Frenchman has gotten a reputation of using ‘dark arts’ to provoke other players, so as to get them distracted and lose focus.

Speaking ahead of Brentford’s clash against Chelsea, Brentford boss Thomas Frank hinted he has told Maupay to continue what he does.

 When asked about Maupay ‘winding people up’, Thomas Frank said: “It’s nice to speak about Neal because he’s been fantastic for us.

“When he came here, he hadn’t scored a goal for ages. So what he has done to be at the level he is now is incredible. He deserves a lot of praise.

“I know there’s a lot of talk [over his antics] and I understand why it’s a good question to ask and something you want to talk about.

“What I believe in is that every player is different. They need to find their own way for what makes them tick and makes them perform. I’m a big believer in that.

“Then it’s my responsibility to guide them sometimes. Of course, I have spoken to Neal about it. I will keep that to myself but he needs to do what he thinks is important.”

West Ham striker Michail Antonio has said Maupay is in danger of getting beaten up as a result of his antics and labelled him ‘the most disliked person on the field’.

Maupay had triggered Tottenham star, James Maddison, which provoked the Englishman when Spurs hosted Brentford.

Speaking about his spat with Maddison to Sport Bible, Maupay said: “The way he got offended, it was quite funny.

“It would have been better if we had won. But at their place in front of their fans, got all their players raging – that’s goated. Just by throwing a dart I got 11 players on toast.

“It was so easy. It’s mad how easy it is, but I’m just having fun, for me it is fun. Football is a game and I’m trying to enjoy myself.”