Pochettino sends fresh message to Gary Neville after beating Leeds United

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino seemed to have been hurt by Gary Neville’s scathing remark, after Chelsea were beaten by Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final.

Gary Neville slammed Chelsea’s collapse against Liverpool in extra time of the Carabao Cup final, and branded the Chelsea players ‘billion pound bottlers’.

After the 3-2 victory over Leeds United in the Carabao Cup fifth round, Pochettino sent out a new message to Gary Neville, whom he seems to have a good relationship.

For Pochettino, the Chelsea players are brave.

“It’s like Gary, my friend, what you did you do? His opinion now is like always around and around, come on,” the Argentine said.

“What can we do? Now only with this type of performance we can only show that we are brave and can win games. Nothing to say, only to keep

“It’s not important for the team, not important for us, because we know how we are and how we behave.

“And why we lost the game against Liverpool is nothing to do with this. It’s different things. You need to accept all opinions.

“But that’s not for us. We know we’re brave, we’re working really hard. If people want to go around and around and around with this comment, for us it’s not an important comment. It’s sorry, you were wrong but nothing to say. Respect your opinion and move on.”