Former West Ham manager wants Pochettino’s job. See the first thing he wants to fix at Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino
Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Former Premier League manager Sam Allardyce has said he would take the Chelsea job if given the chance.

Allardyce has worked at several Premier League clubs, starting with his famous years as coach of Bolton Wanderers.

Interestingly, Sam Allardyce has said he’s open to being the head coach of Chelsea.

He was asked by Jeff Stelling: “So, would you fancy that, a little spell at the Bridge?”

Allardyce replied: “Oh, yes, I’ll fly back from Dubai tomorrow for that.”

Allardyce believes fixing Chelsea’s defence should be the first task of any coach who wants to succeed at Stamford Bridge.

When asked what he would do to fix the club’s problems, he said: “Sort the defence out! I mean it’s the worst defending I’ve seen in the Premier League for a long, long time, all season.

“Now, people see that as a negative. I mean there was a big thing on Monday Night Football about Manchester United about how many shots they concede and then you look at the top teams like Liverpool and of course Manchester City and Arsenal and of course, they’re the best defensive records.

“It’s a simple mathematical equation, you win the league if you have the best defence not the best attack.

“The best attack gives you the opportunity to get the points at the end but the defensive side of it wins you the league in the end. The defending has been ignored for many years now and I’ve never seen such bad defending.”