Jamie Carragher surprised at what Pochettino said after losing to Liverpool

Mauricio Pochettino
Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jamie Carragher has revealed his surprise at a statement made by Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino, following Chelsea’s Carabao Cup final defeat to Liverpool.

According to Pochettino, the Chelsea players were tired in extra time, and started to play for penalties.

The Chelsea manager had said; the players ‘started to feel that maybe the penalties will be good for us’.

Jamie Carragher seemed shocked that Mauricio Pochettino was willing to admit that his players had stopped trying to win the match in extra-time.

Quoting Pochettino’s comment on X, Carragher wrote: “Wow! Felt like that watching the extra time.”

On the result, he said: “Absolutely brilliant win for Liverpool, huge result, and one of the proudest moments for me as someone associated with this club when I saw all those kids from the academy.

“And also the courage of the manager to put them on the pitch. But also the courage of those players to get on the ball and take the ball in that extra-time period with the pressure on playing in a big Cup final.”

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  1. What else do or can you expect from a loser.. like Mauricio.

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