Gary Neville names two Chelsea stars who caused Liverpool problems in Carabao Cup final

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Gary Neville was very critical of Chelsea, following their 1-0 Carabao Cup loss to Liverpool on Sunday.

The Blues surrendered their dominance to Liverpool during extra time, as they looked to sit deep, and drag the game into a penalty shootout, with the hope that they’d have the upper hand from there on.

However, the plan didn’t yield the desired result, as Jurgen Klopp’s men just threw everything they had at Chelsea until Virgil van Dijk scored the winning goal from a corner.

Gary Neville, who was a commentator for the match on Sky Sports, slammed Chelsea for lowering their heads when it mattered most, and even went as far as labelling them ‘billion-pound bottle jobs’. But despite his harsh words, the Manchester United great also had a few good things to say about the Blues, particularly concerning Nicolas Jackson and Conor Gallagher, who he said were very good.

“I actually think Van Dijk and Konate will be a little bit happy that Jackson’s gone off. He was physical, just with his running, causing them a problem,” Neville said via Sky Sports.

“He [Gallagher] has been very good. He’s been better than the two behind him who have cost £100 million each.”

Despite being among the best players on the pitch, Mauricio Pochettino took off both Jackson and Gallagher towards the end of the game, and many believe his in-game management was exactly the reason Chelsea lost.

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  1. Mauricio cost Chelsea 3 points against Manchester City and now Caraboa cup against Liverpool, I’m not surprise what do you expect from an average coach who has no idea of how Cup is won in a final.

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