Winning the Carabao Cup will be bigger than the Champions League success in 2021

Photo: James Baylis – AMA/Getty Images

League in 2021, argued that winning this game against Liverpool at Wembley would be a more important triumph for the club in its current state.

“Not in prestige but in the way we want the club to go,” Chilwell said. “The prestige of the Champions League is higher but this is arguably more important in terms of where the club is now.

“With the group we have now — a young group, where there have been ups and downs this season — to get this one as a team and staff and with the fans, it would be massive. Arguably bigger than the Champions League.

“When I joined Chelsea I came in as one of the younger players and in the last few years it’s completely flipped. I’ve taken on the role as one of the more experienced players. It’s important for me to try to emphasise to all the new players why silverware is so important.”