Pochettino responds to Klopp’s mind games

Photo: Getty images

Speaking ahead of the Carabao Cup final, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has claimed that Liverpool aren’t the favourites for this game.

Blues boss Mauricio Pochettino has now responded likewise by claiming that Chelsea aren’t favourites as well.

Quizzed about the comment made by Klopp, Pochettino said: “For me, Liverpool are favourites because they have the experience to compete like a team and be involved in different finals.

“For many of our players, it’s maybe their first final, so that’s why I’d make them favourite. He’s (Klopp) one of the best, with Pep, coaches in the world.

“He’s clever enough. He knows that when you play a final, circumstances can happen. If they are not favourites, we are not favourites. They have experience to compete like a team and be involved in different finals.”

Asked about Chelsea’s defeat to Liverpool last month, Pochettino added: “The team always needs to learn from the good and not so good experiences.

“After Liverpool, the result was completely unfair because if you watch the game, there were a few penalties [appeals].

“Maybe that was good for us, to feel the pain, negative situation, and to be stronger now and to find the way to compete better and to start to see that we need to live in a different way.”

Klopp has tried to play smart with his mind games, but Pochettino is having none of it.