John Terry reveals one League Cup final defeat he’d never forget

Chelsea are set to play Tottenham in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley on Sunday.

Former Chelsea captain John Terry, won this trophy multiple times with Chelsea, and also lost in a final.

Terry has looked back at a painful League Cup final he missed out on some years ago.

Speaking to the official Chelsea club website ahead of Sunday’s game, Terry looked back at the League Cup defeat to Tottenham in 2008 – a game Chelsea were favourites to win.

“Even though it is 16 years ago, that one hurts,” said Terry, recalling the 2008 League Cup defeat to Tottenham.

“We lost bigger finals but the manner of it and the difference between the sides in the league…we should have walked all over them. We got caught off guard a little, so yeah, it still hurts.

“I can never watch it back. I’ll never want to see the game again. They were such a big rival of mine and the history between the sides is massive.

“It has become quite spicy over the years as well. You look at the Battle of the Bridge later on. So these finals were important.”

Seven years after that painful defeat, Chelsea took on Spurs once again in the League Cup final in 2015, and Terry scored to help the Blues lift the title.