They can never win the Premier League – Hazard slams Chelsea rivals

Photo: Getty images

Eden Hazard has laid into Tottenham, saying they don’t have what it takes to win the Premier league.

Spurs have remained inconsistent despite starting the season well under their new manager, Ange Potescoglu, and are currently fifth on the table after 25 games.

Speaking on the Obi One podcast with ex-teammate, John Obi Mikel, the Belgian former footballer said: “The Premier League is so hard and you see now Man City they are better than Chelsea, you see Liverpool they are better than Chelsea.

Mikel then asked Hazard, saying: “Tottenham?”

The retired winger replied: “No, no, Tottenham, no.”

Mikel added: “But right now they are playing a bit better, they are like third or fourth in the league.”

And Hazard replied: “They play good football but you know as a Chelsea legend you also can’t say that man. That’s for sure [they won’t win the league].

“As a Chelsea fan you want Chelsea to be the best but it’s so hard, big change in last two-years in the team not just in players but owner changing, new story of Chelsea and as a fan we have to push to follow them.”