So difficult: Pochettino sends warning to Chelsea owners

Photo: Getty images

Mauricio Pochettino has warned Chelsea it’s no easy feat to own and operate a football club in Argentina as a foreigner.

The Argentine’s comments come amid reports that Chelsea owners, Clearlake Capital are set to expand their multi-club system by acquiring a club in the South American country.

Argentina president, Javier Milei also seems keen on seeing it happen, after meeting with the Chelsea owners, and relaxing investment laws in his country.

However, Pochettino has now said: “It’s so difficult because Argentina is a country where it is not normally like here, where people arrive from outside and buy clubs.

“The fans, they feel they belong to the club and the club belongs to them, and it’s not easy to change the mentality. Maybe in time, yes, but at the moment I don’t believe it is going to be easy to buy a club there.

“But, of course, the president has new ideas and he wants to help the country and the people to have better lives. It’s a difficult situation, but all the Argentines, we are going to support and we are going to do everything to try to help the country, Argentina, to stay in a better situation.”