Pochettino refused to shake hands with Guardiola after game at Stamford Bridge. See his explanation

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he admires Pep Guardiola as a manager.

The two are set to face each other again on Saturday evening after playing out a 4-4 draw at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season.

Pochettino was furious with the way the reverse tie ended, and refused to shake hands with Guardiola afterwards.

The Chelsea boss told a press conference on Friday: “If I like him? Yes, of course, as a coach, of course.”

“I admire him, of course.

“I was so angry with the referee, remember? That was why. I then apologised in my press conference after the game. Of course, it is not going to happen again. I was so upset with the referee and I went like an arrow to the pitch to try and fight with the referee. Big mistake and I say sorry again.

“I need to be more calm and relaxed and to show respect to the opponent. I feel really bad, but I apologise again.

“It’s not important for me. Of course, Pep is an unbelievable coach, one of the greatest coaches ever in football. Of course, he was in clubs with the possibility to win in Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, and of course, not only me, the record not so good against him; it’s too many coaches that suffer against him and his teams.

“The most important thing is to be involved in this game with the possibility to face a team like Manchester City and a possibility to face him, a team that always challenge. It’s always a great opportunity to learn from the best.”