Pundit explains real reason Chelsea have spent £1b on transfers in just two years

Photo: Getty images

NBC pundit, Robin Mustoe has claimed that Chelsea’s spending spree over the last two years was not for the sake of it after all.

The Blues have spent in excess of £1b to sign new players— mostly young and unproven ones, since their new ownership came on board, and Mustoe says he has it on good authority that the decision was made in anticipation of a possible transfer ban from the Premier League as a result of the financial misdeeds of the previous owners.

“I wouldn’t have spent (I have the reason why they did it) all that money so quickly, when you haven’t got the professionals in charge,” Mustoe told The Byline.

“But my understanding is and its from a very very good source that the financial problems that was left with the club, that the new ownership had to go through all the books and by the way they are pretty thorough with all this stuff and there was so many dodgy looking things in the accounts the club thought that they were going to get done.

“Which they have been done, they had been done by the way, they’ve been fined.

“The club were worried that they were going to get another transfer ban and to jump ahead of that potential transfer ban when they said the accounts are here and we admit there’s some problems here and some dodgy agents or whatever it is.

“They thought they had to stack up on players.”