Chelsea beating Aston Villa in the FA Cup not good for English football – Jamie Carragher claims

Jamie Carragher has claimed that Chelsea beating Aston Villa, and pipping them to a place in the FA Cup fifth round is not a good thing for English football.

Against most predictions, the Blues beat Villa 3-1 on Wednesday, while out-playing them in their own stadium too.

For context, Villa are currently fourth on the Premier League table, while Chelsea are 11th, and Carragher thinks it’s unfair to Unai Emery’s men.

“With apologies to Chelsea fans, Aston Villa’s midweek defeat in the FA Cup replay is a setback for English football,” the former Liverpool defender wrote for the Telegraph.

“Villa had the ability to go all the way to those Wembley steps. Their loss means that it is highly likely the three major domestic honours will again be shared between the same clubs, underlining how difficult it is to emerge from the pack so the trophy engravers are spelling out different names.

“Since the Premier League was formed in 1992, there have only been three seasons in which the title was not won by Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal.

“Over that period, there are only four years in which one of those clubs or Liverpool did not lift the FA Cup.

“This is a healthy situation for the serial winners, but not for our game. We need more variety in the honours’ lists.

“The reason for that is not just the power and wealth of the ‘big five’. Those just below them should have done better.”

Carragher also said: “By every measure, Villa are better than Chelsea this season. They were strong favourites going into Wednesday’s game. Realistically, how often is that going to be the case in future years? When the most powerful clubs are down, that is when the rest must take advantage.”

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  1. oh well just another nobody chelsea hater lol dry your eyes

  2. Up yours Carragher !!

  3. Why are all the pundits from the north ? commentating on teams from the south aseptically on sky as if players from southern premier teams have no input to talk about, or is it because they just don’t get into the news for Gobbing at girls ? sum times i have to put on Subtitles to understand what he is saying.

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