Pochettino fires warning to Chelsea players after beating Aston Villa

Photo: Getty images

Mauricio Pochettino is delighted with Chelsea’s 3-1 FA Cup win against Aston Villa on Wednesday night, but the 51-year-old has warned his players against complacency.

Chelsea had lost both of their last two games prior to the cup win, and Pochettino is aware there’s more work to be done.

“We need to be calm,” the Argentine told a post-match interview.

“Now it is about how we are going to keep these feelings. It is true circumstances didn’t help us. From the beginning there were too many issues. To have the players in the same form and level was the most difficult thing for us.

“Today, to come here, the second best team at home, and play in the way we play and show our quality, that is what pleased me the most and why I am so optimistic.

“People are not patient. In a club like Chelsea you need to win. They don’t want to hear excuses. But reality is another. We are not the Chelsea of another time. It is a new project. The people need to believe. If they believe fantastic. If they don’t you know what happens – the most easy decision will appear.

“They [the players] need time. We are talking about the youngest team in the Premier League with expectations so high. It is normal the players feel the pressure to perform. It is not easy to manage all of these things.

“With this type of performance, it makes me pleased because we are capable. All of the people that thought we were capable of playing this way, now we can feel it is true.

“Maybe the environment is a little bit noisy but that is football.”