I was so disappointed – Former Blue slams Pochettino’s tactics and reacts to rumours Jose Mourinho could come in with John Terry as his assistant

Photo: Ben Stansall/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Emmanuel Petit has urged Chelsea to sack Mauricio Pochettino, as the club continues to struggle under the Argentine.

Despite spending more than £1b on transfers since their new ownership came on board, Chelsea have made next to no progress in the Premier League, and currently sit in 11th place after 23 matches.

The Blues suffered disappointing consecutive defeats in their last two outings against Liverpool and Wolves this past week, shipping in eight goals in the process, and calls have now increased for the Pochettino to be cut loose before things get worse.

Reports however suggest that Chelsea owners are not yet ready to part ways with the 51-year-old, whose current contract runs until 2025, although former Chelsea star, Petit has now admitted that he wants Pochettino gone, and Jose Mourinho brought in as a replacement.

“I was so disappointed with Chelsea’s performance against Wolves,” Petit told compare.bet, after Pochettino’s players were booed off the pitch at the final whistle.

“They looked so disorganised, they were tactically a mess, no fighting spirit, communication, or character. I felt pity on the Chelsea fans.

“I was thinking, why would you put [Christopher] Nkunku up front as a lone striker? Does he even know what Nkunku does best? In Germany and France it is well known that he cannot play by himself up front and never has done that. He is very good in the 10 or in a two up front, but he can’t do that role at all.

“Pochettino refuses to mold his tactic around his players and the composition of the team just doesn’t make sense at the moment.

“He doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do, and his body language is not good at all, he looks like he is on the way out already.”

Petit added: “I’ve seen the speculation that Mourinho could come in with John Terry as his assistant.

“When you think about it, it could be something interesting. He would give the team character and personality.

“At the moment they are a broken team and he could be the man to come in and fix it.

“I actually think they need a manager who will have a proper vision of what needs to be done with the players that are there.

“They have to stop buying players and looking at how they can develop what they have there already.

“Chelsea need to develop an identity, because at the moment they don’t have one.”