Chelsea getting what they deserve: Liverpool hero says

Liverpool legend, John Aldridge has slammed Chelsea again, for trying to buy their way into success.

Chelsea are 11th on the Premier League table after spending more than £400m last summer, and Aldridge thinks Chelsea deserve their present predicament.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “It’s a shame we’re talking about a deflating loss after playing so well against Chelsea. Chelsea are in a bad place. They are a gang of individuals, just bought at top-price and stuck together with a manager trying to gel them. They’ve got no togetherness.

“The incident with the young mascot before the game shows them for what they are. Leaving that young mascot was unbelievable.

“They’re in a world of their own and they’re going nowhere. They’re getting what they deserve for overspending and trying to outdo people.

“Man City showed everyone how to utilise money. Chelsea haven’t done that. They thought money can buy success and it shows you where they are now. They are miles away, absolutely miles away.”