Mauricio Pochettino admits he’s not good enough to be Chelsea manager

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Following Sunday’s 4-2 defeat to Wolves at Stamford Bridge, Mauricio Pochettino admitted he isn’t good enough to be Chelsea manager.

The Argentine manager also claimed the players at Chelsea are also not good enough to be Chelsea players.

Pochettino said: “I think we are all not good enough. At the moment, that is the reality. I think myself is the first person responsible for this situation. What we were showing today, we are not good enough, I agree with you 100%.

“I think we didn’t manage the situation properly, and of course no one can be safe. I don’t want to come here and say ‘I am the best and the players are the worst’. I think we are all responsible, even the players take responsbility like I take it.

“We are not reflecting and we are not matching the history of the club, that is true. We need to accept and we need to be critics, but we cannot give up. We keep working and will work really hard to try to change, maybe to try things in a different way. Maybe if it’s not working this way, we need to move on and find different types of solution.”