Mauricio Pochettino sends message to impatient Chelsea fans

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has urged Chelsea fans to be patient as he seeks to build a Chelsea team that can challenge for titles.

Ahead of facing Wolves, Pochettino was asked if the team’s development was taking too long.

He said, “It’s important to realise. It’s true we want the result today and it was difficult to wait. In the third year of [Jurgen Klopp at] Liverpool, I think they came to Wembley, we were in Tottenham and we beat them 4-1. No-one said it was the end of the world for Liverpool.

“After that, look what happened. They won the Premier League, the Champions League. In year four, they started to work, that is why after six months when you go and play against Liverpool in the situation they are in, fighting for the Premier League, and have been very consistent for the last few years, it’s a solid team. With all the circumstances that happened during the game, and to say that we were not good enough and they were better than us, I think we were there.

“We need to move on and prepare for the next game. It’s only the game that we lose.”

On the midweek defeat at Liverpool, he added: “Look, Liverpool are there because they deserve to be at the top of the table. Then it’s a game that we lose for different circumstances. Now we can talk in a different way and use different topics. The most important [thing] is to realise why and find out what we can do better.

“It’s not only to work harder, not to work more. It’s about, also, to improve as a team. In different periods of the game, we showed lack of experience. And to show that we are able to approach or to play in a different way and do the things that we practice.

“But sometimes you can practice every single game and prepare but after, it’s about to arrive and to show the right energy, the right attitude, the right way to play, to be brave, show personality and character. Football, also, is that. It’s not a reality check. It’s the difference between the team that is solid and is playing consistently in the last four or five years for big things and competing against another team that wants to reach the same level.”