Mauricio Pochettino wanted to sign these three players in January but Todd Boehly said NO

According to journalist Sami Mokbel, Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino wanted three players in the January transfer window.

The Blues have spent over £1billion under Todd Boehly on transfers and were reluctant to make any signings in January unless a player is sold due to FFP concerns.

“They’re in a state of flux,” Mokbel began when asked by Ian Ladyman what the situation around the club was on deadline day as quoted on Daily Mail.

“Mauricio Pochettino came in there in the summer, didn’t have any say, or very little say, with regards to recruitment and who they were signing.

“I think we’ve seen evidence of of that in his team selections. He’s chopped and changed a lot, and he’s tried different things just because he’s simply not happy with the squad that he’s got. That probably isn’t the right expression, the squad that he has doesn’t fit the mold of the team that he wants to be.

“He went into January, hoping that he would have some rope to work with with regards to bringing in players that that he wanted.

“It’s important to stress for Mauricio Pochettino, he simply isn’t the kind of manager who will go into the boardroom and start waving his arms around and demanding X player, X player, and X player. He will make recommendations, he will make strong recommendations, but he effectively isn’t one to throw his toys out of the pram.

“He went into this January wanting left back, potentially a goalkeeper, but definitely a centre forward. We are now, what, 12 hours or whatever it is away from the deadline – he’s not got any of those.

“Last night at Anfield wasn’t pleasant viewing and they have spent a lot of money and there are good players there. I do have some sympathy with with with Pochettino because in terms of recruitment, he’s just not been able to influence that squad and that team in the way he he feels it needs influencing.”