It’s my dream to sign this Chelsea player

Photo: Getty images

Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt has revealed he dreams of signing Chelsea centre-back Thiago Silva.

Silva has always admitted he wants a comeback to the Rio de Janeiro side before the end of his career, and since he’s turning 40 this year, this should obviously be the time for it.

“Regarding Thiago Silva, the last conversation we had wasn’t recent. He said he’ll only decide his future after his contract with Chelsea expires. We don’t have to create expectations,” said Bittencourt.

“He’s a great idol of ours and a great friend too. He watches our games, sends messages to Marcão. It’s my dream to bring him in. Bringing in a player like that isn’t an effort, it’s a pleasure.”

Thiago Silva’s contract with Chelsea expires at the end of the season, he’s already made it clear that he doesn’t know where he’ll be playing from that point onwards.