Chelsea player told he can win Ballon d’Or

Photo: Getty images

Football agent, Manuel Sierra has claimed that Chelsea youngster, Kendry Paez has the potential to be a Ballon d’Or winner.

Paez signed for the Blues last year, but the 16-year-old can’t join them yet until 2025 when he turns 18.

Speaking with AS, Sierra said of his client:  “I don’t know if we are going to have such a beastly talent in my life again like Kendry Páez. Today he is still at 50% of his chances, 60% of his chances. He is a boy who, if he learns to be a professional, learns to live in professionalism, not professionalism, but in professionalism, he is a guy who can be, for me, if not Ballon d’Or, be very close to being Ballon d’Or in the next, six, seven or eight years.

“I think he can be one of the greats in the world. He has it all. He has already been to Chelsea and has been visiting those who are going to be his teammates. He has been with Mauricio (Pochettino), with all the people on the board. He has taken it as a simple thing like everything he does in his life. He is a guy who is super prepared for success.

“If everything goes well, if he has a cool head and takes care of himself, because it is very difficult at 16 years old, imagine everything that is happening to him; he has all the temptations and requests in the world; he can be very big. You have to be very close to him, with his father, with his mother, with all the people who work around him, we have a great team, including his parents. I think we are doing a great job. Hopefully in July 2025 he can arrive with all the credentials to be one of Chelsea’s important players, which is what we are working towards.”