Thiago Silva gives update on his Chelsea contract

Photo: Getty images

Thiago Silva’s Chelsea contract will expire at the end of the season but the Brazilian insists he’s not stressing about his future at the club.

Silva, who has an offer from Brazilian club Fluminense, has not scheduled any talks with the Blues or other teams at present.

Silva said: “I don’t have anything scheduled for later. There’s nothing scheduled here. I’m just looking to have fun. We know [my career] is almost over, but it’s not the end yet, so pick the right time.

“I’m still able to maintain a good performance. My numbers are good. This gives me peace of mind to continue. Now, the future belongs to God. Let’s finish well here, this and those four months and see what has to happen going forward. But I’m super relaxed about that.

“[My relationship with the Chelsea fans] is a source of great pride. In such a short time I managed to conquer them in such a passionate way. We can say that, right?

“It was very, very fast and I am happy every time I play here. It’s different and special and emotional. I know that with each game that ends I have a feeling that it’s ending, so that makes me a little sad. But happy with the performance on the field, which is the most important.”