Chelsea vs Liverpool Carabao Cup final? Gary Neville predicts what will happen

Photo: Getty Images

Chelsea are through to the final of the Carabao Cup, after beating Middlesbrough 6-1 at Stamford Bridge, with an aggregate score of 6-2.

Chelsea will either play Fulham or Liverpool in the final, but it’s expected that the Blues will face Jurgen Klopp’s men in yet another final meeting between the two clubs.

Liverpool won their first leg 2-1, and only need a draw to reach the final.

Gary Neville has claimed that winning the Carabao Cup will be a huge stepping stone for Chelsea, but also concedes that the Blues will find it difficult if they meet Liverpool in the final.

He told Sky Sports: “Obviously it is going to be difficult, particularly if they play Liverpool, but if they can win a trophy, these young players in particular will gain so much from it. From my experience, getting a winner’s medal, it made you feel like you belonged.

“All of a sudden, you are a winner and you’ve delivered. You’ve got rid of that tag of being nearly men or not being able to get over the line – all those things that get levelled at you when you don’t win a trophy.

“Sometimes it’s a little harsh because there are only four trophies to go around every season, but it has been levelled at the Pochettino in this country.

“It’s a big, big game for the manager, the ownership and also for the players. For the young players, there is nothing that will give you more confidence than winning – winning a medal and winning a trophy. It will have a big impact on your life let alone your career, because it is something you never forget.

“Confidence is everything in football and also in life. If you believe, and it is not just about your own belief, but it’s about the belief the fans have in them, the belief we have in them and also the manager.

“If they can go and win in a big moment, which is what Chelsea have done for many, many years. They have been a winning club and that hasn’t always been with beautiful football. They’ve had to dig in at times and under Abramovich they just created this winning mentality.

“If they can do that here, even in transition, that will give them confidence that this Chelsea project of the last 20 years can continue under Boehly and co.”