Pundit claims Chelsea will be scared to sign this player in January

Photo: Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Ivan Toney will most-likely be staying put at Brentford come this summer, because of his overly expensive valuation by Brentford, according to Steve Nicol.

Toney recently completed an eight-month match ban, as he captained Brentford to a 3-2 win against Nottingham Forest over the weekend.

The 27-year-old was also on target for the Bees, as if to remind everyone that he never lost his goalscoring skills.

The media has been abuzz with news of interest in Toney from other clubs in England, including Chelsea and Arsenal, who are in search of a new number nine, but Liverpool legend, Nicol has now stated that a summer transfer is rather unlikely for the forward due to his £80m to £100m valuation by Brentford.

“They’ll not get that. That’s why nobody’s going to get him,” Nicol told ESPN FC while discussing the player’s price tag.

“If they turned around tomorrow and said you can have him for 40, there would be a list of clubs ready to take him now. But the 80 absolutely is frightening everybody away. So that’s not happening.”

Toney may be a great striker and leader, which is something any coach would want to have in their team, but at 27, going on 28, age isn’t really on his side, and we’re not sure there will be many clubs lining up to pay as much as Brentford are asking for by the end of the season.