Chelsea legend not happy with this policy under Todd Boehly

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea great, Pat Nevin has vented his displeasure with the current recruitment policy of the Blues.

Todd Boehly has spent well over £1b on transfers since he took over ownership of Chelsea, but Nevin thinks their recruitment approach is faulty.

He told “It looks like a team that’s been built by an algorithm. It doesn’t meld. There’s players that could be very good players in the future bought for certain positions but it looks like they’ve been bought by data and that’s fine because sometimes data works. It’s a good idea to meld the data with the football knowledge so the players can understand each other.

“I was someone who could play left and right wing. I really wanted to have a good understanding with my fullback. His strengths whether he was underlapping or overlapping, someone who could pass and have good game awareness. It feels like everyone should have that, but it happened maybe two or three times in my 19-year playing career. That shows you that it’s not that easy but if you’re a football person you can see it.

“That’s what good managers do but there’s not been enough of that yet. There’s not a phenomenal set of links within the team. The manager needs to make that happen but it’s hard to make that happen if the players are not all suited to each other.

“You’re seeing that they are looking like a team of individuals. In two years time, will that have been worked on? Will the manager have been given time to adapt and meld these players and will it work? The answer is maybe.”