Like a graveyard! Chelsea legend reveals one thing he has noticed about Chelsea fans lately

Chelsea fans
Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Chelsea hero Pat Nevin has claimed that he has noticed overtime that the mood of Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge this season has been a dull one.

The former Chelsea star made the remark while writing for the BBC Football Extra Newsletter.

Nevin, who compared the mood at Stamford Bridge during Chelsea’s home games to that of an ‘atmosphere of a mausoleum on a rainy Monday’, also said that Manchester United have been going through a similar setback at Old Trafford.

“My beloved Chelsea at Stamford Bridge regularly has the matchday atmosphere of a mausoleum on a rainy Monday. Quite fitting as there is a cemetery just behind the main stand,” said Nevin.

“Old Trafford did not have the graveyard excuse when Spurs came at the weekend, though to be fair there was not much for the home fans to get excited about in the second half.

“It seems to take a lot to get Chelsea and Manchester United fans stirred at the moment, but the passion will hopefully come back if and when they ever get back to the top table of the game.

“The problem is, it doesn’t look imminent for either.”

Honestly speaking, Stamford Bridge has not always been the loudest stadium in England, but to be fair to the fans, these past two seasons, Chelsea haven’t really given them much to cheer about, with the inconsistencies suffered across different competitions. One can only hope that this changes soon, so that fans can leave with some level of satisfaction any time they visit the hallowed ground.